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“Nightingale’s Strain” is the Second Novel in the series. The first can be read here.

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This is a mistake! I shouldn’t be here! Ran through my head in an endless mantra. What if I can’t hold back? All I have worked for will be wiped away! Destroyed!

Synopsis: In the shadows of the Music Hall’s stage wing Erik heard her voice again for the first time in ten years. With that dreaded indulgence, the foundations of his carefully constructed empire cracked. On the verge of opening the pinnacle of the arts, Carnegie’s grand Music Hall, the hidden genius of the project is swept up in a tidal wave from his past.

When Christine Daae, a renowned singer in Paris, is invited to the opening concerts no one knew the turbulent reunion that would follow. Ten years was not enough to bury Erik’s obsession with his former vocal student. When his involvement changes from architect to accompanist his colleagues begin to comprehend his profound comprehension of acoustics. However Nadir, Erik’s longtime associate from his past life, suspects that the darker side is playing a high stake game to steal the hand of his once love.

The famed Music Hall’s grand opening holds a secret drama wrought with deception, passion, and murder. And danger to Erik. For if the world ever learned his dark secret he stands to loose everything.

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