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“Lament of the Nightingale” is the fourth in this series. Links to the first three: “Shadowcrest’s Hammer”, “Nightingale’s Strain”, “Gilded Cage for a Nightingale


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It was so far away … the cell had seemed so small until now! Terrified the door would inevitably slam shut before he could reach it he flung himself toward it ramming his long fingers around the cold metal. The sensation … the first he had felt of anything in ages, felt like he had grabbed a red hot bar of iron from the forge’s fire! He refused to recoil at the pain. If this was real … pulling and straining he used his grip on the door to aid in his progress. It was heavy on hinges rusted from disuse. One hand against the door and one against the stone of his prison, Erik tried to wedge a hand through the crack. The hinges groaned as he contorted for a better grip, an angle with more leverage. Reaching an arm out he felt the tease of freedom, his eyes blinded by the golden shaft til he could not see what lie beyond. Whatever it held had to be better than the hellish void! Clawing against the stone floor he managed to get enough purchase to press against the outside of the door … it opened to the inside. In a series of exhausting shoves he felt the door’s edge begin to pivot. One final thrust and it was wide enough.

Frail and withered, Erik lie across the threshold blocking the door from any chance of closing upon him again. Blinding light shut his eyes, but he forced them open. It had been too long! Feebly he mustered the strength to drag the rest of his body from the cell, his arms and legs racked with the effort.

Let me wake up! He thought desperately. Let me open my eyes! Please!

Reaching his hand up into the light he struggled to rise to his feet, struggled to keep his eyes open against the brightness …

Synopsis: In the year 1899 Erik has been in Eurasia on sabbatical. Or so the story goes. But his family harbors the dark truth. Beneath the tranquil facade they have waged a desperate battle for Erik’s sanity, and Dr. Wright is their last hope.

Faced with the most unusual patient, Wright can’t refuse this once in a lifetime case that so many others have failed to help. But the ambitious doctor is blinded by his goal to restore Erik to his former genius and fails to realize the delicate nature of his patient’s existence. It earns him a one way ticket back to Boston.

With Erik’s tentative return to society and a small role in Carnegie Hall, he and his son Charles labor to overcome the damage of the past. A love-sick Charles, socially unable to court his sweetheart, is devastated when the family’s secret destroys any chance he may have had to convince the Chantelli’s to hold Simonetta’s hand for him. In an act of empathy, Erik commits a sacrifice that no one can believe—not to restore his own shattered honor, but to secure his son’s desire.

For no one understands the cost of true love more than Erik.

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