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“Gilded Cage for a Nightingale” is the third in this series. Links to the first two: “Shadowcrest’s Hammer“, “Nightingale’s Strain

Twin Spirits, short story interlude before this one.

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03 GildedCageforaNightingale

They called you … they have summoned you … winged death, the Angel of Doom! How long will you make them wait? Open the door!

Creature. Monster. My hand grasped the silver uroboros that now hung around my neck. The shimmering scales linked in an endless twisted chain … immortal, the beast devoured itself in an act of alchemical reconstruction. My pulse quickened at the contact, thundering within me as a numbness spread through me. I knew my heart now was not in this alone. He was right.

Synopsis: For Erik and Christine their existence in Manhattan could not be more idealistic. He, the director of the arts and first chair violinist at Carnegie Hall. She, a sought after soloist. The world has set things to right … or has it.

A serpent slithers through the dark alleys of the city scarcely detected by Erik’s network of informants. Erik’s paranoia sparks anew, and the constant vigilance wears away at the famed Nightingale. Everyone around him notes the telltale state and many believe it to stem from the recent violent death of a friend—and the replacement of the second chair violinist. But Erik, even in his hysteria, sees a pattern linking back like the scales on a viper. Someone has a longstanding grudge. Someone knows who he once was, what he once did.

And they are not the forgiving type.

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