Fanart of “Nightingale’s Odyssey”

As an artist myself I am thrilled to have artwork by another artist/writer inspired by my own work. Sometime ago, when I joined a site specifically for fan fiction, I came across EMK81 and we started chatting, of course about Phantom of the Opera. Soon I find questions in my inbox about precise details of how I envisioned the Erik in my novels. I come to learn there is a portrait in the works!

There is yet another reason I am thrilled, while I am an artist, the human form is something I have always struggled with. So to draw any of the characters within the series I have always had to resort to anthropomorphic stand-ins. In fact, a friend of mine from back in high school wondered if the whole time I was writing I was picturing the Phantom in his dashing red fox persona. I wasn’t, but whenever I wanted to draw him I had to!

I am honored to post Erik Michael’s work as the first fanart work for my series.

EMK81’s deviant art page


Thank you!

More work from E.M.K 81 described as:

Erik sitting on a chair (which I designed) in working clothes which don’t really fit him (obviously he has been working on some building site) relaxing with an opium pipe. His hair is overgrown, he obviously forgot to care for himself over some building project. Nadir berating him for his addiction, but he has a glass in his hand. The title of this sketch is what Erik is saying to Nadir: “I’ll give up my vice if you give up yours.”

And more … This sketch came to my mind with the first chapter of nightingales strain: Nadir is berating Erik for something and Erik is thinking: “Thank God, I can send my conscience on a business trip!”


Erik making his first upper class debut at Reed’s mansion in “Shadowcrest’s Hammer”.

Erik on stage during the performance with the dance troupe at Carnegie Hall. From Chapter 5 of “Gilded Cage for a Nightingale”.


From the Epilogue of “Nightingale’s Strain”, Erik perched in the Central Park tree contemplating a concert in the park amusing Christine in the process.
Epilogue Illustration
This has been so amazingly fun to see!

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