Burying his face in his hands, Nadir muttered, “Each day that passes I worry about the consequences of you dwelling in this new country.”

“Might I remind you precisely whose brilliant idea that was to take our exile here.”


The Nightingale’s Odyssey series was spawned by an obsession with the darker side of a classic narrative. You could say it is also a fascination with what drives a spirit to endure in a world when the odds threaten to crush you. Creative souls are often, like a frail bird or fragile bloom, delicate.

Erik is a man of extraordinary talents born with a severe disfigurement. Throughout his past, this facial deformity has filtered his interactions with the world, and driven him to great heights to compensate: magic, music, architecture and engineering. Beauty became an obsession, all without ever weighing the cost. The world never saw the depth, only the monster, for he was most notoriously known as the Phantom of the Opera, a fact he now desires to keep his shameful secret.

In November 1882, the year after the Paris Opera. Erik and Nadir have undergone a secret self exile to Manhattan. The series follows Erik’s rise from the status of Bowery immigrant to becoming the architect of repute that attracted the perfect building project for his particular genius, Carnegie Hall … and beyond.

This odyssey is indeed an elaborate fanfic, I make no claim otherwise. But I hope that people will find as much enjoyment in reading these as I had writing them.

The full novels will appear here for free. “Shadowcrest’s Hammer”, “Nightingale’s Strain”, “Gilded Cage for a Nightingale”, “Lament of the Nightingale”, and “Nightingale’s Requiem” Click here for a preview of the covers and a synopsis for each of the five stories. The complete Nightingale’s Odyssey at a glance.

Chapters will be published once a week, typically on Thursday.

Listen to an audio of the first chapter

 Click here to begin your journey…


Want to know more of where this came from? Click here for history

Second Book in the series:

Click here for Chapter Portal

02 NightgaleStrainCover

Third novel in the series:

Click here for Chapter Portal

03 GildedCageforaNightingale

Fourth in the Series:

Click here for Chapter Portal

04 LamentoftheNightingaleCover

Fifth in the series

Click here for Chapter Portal

05 Nightingale's Requiem Cover


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